Saturday, October 23, 2010


"Mad Men" if you're a viewer, need I say more?

The season finale was amazing! After I recovered from the initial shock, I really love Meghan. She's adorable. Oh, she won't be enough to keep Don from "his ways" but she will keep the show interesting.

Here are my predictions. Don will try to stay straight. There may even be a few episodes where he will resist a temptress or two, but then he'll cave. He'll head back to his rambling ways. I even anticipate a rendezvous with Betty in season 5, maybe even a drunken mishap with Peggy? Betz, she'll be around a little more, and we'll learn a few things about Henry next season I presume.

This is absolutely my favorite show on the tele' right now. Matthew Weiner is amazing. He's so astute. He understands both men and women so well. He really personifies relationships, and the roles we all seem determined to fill. Good thing, otherwise there wouldn't be anything to watch on television. :O)

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