Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcome, Janene, to Houston's Eastside-Suburbia

Janene, this post is for you!  Welcome to Texas.  Your timing as a photographer in the area is great.  One of my dearest friends and phenomenal photographers Mackenzie Wheatley, of Chubbyfoot Photography, is off to Brussels.  Aside from my crushed heart, and wailing and weeping, "Don't go Mackenzie!!", it really does make your timing in these parts impeccable.  

Jennifer Womack, of Pickles to Giggles  is also pretty stellar around your new hometown.  Rumor has it she may be taking a sabbatical to care for her new baby.  So I don't foresee any turf wars in your near future. ;)

And since I'm an eye-candy junkie, you should also be introduced to two former Kingwood gals.  Who are not only beautiful women, but also beautiful photographers,   Megan Knorpp, and Marisa Johnson.  And because I know you will appreciate this sort of thing Marisa also keeps the wonderful Backyard Farming Blog.

And for the fabric.  My one true love, here are my favorite resources:
High Fashion Home (Houston)

GRS Fabric (Old Town Spring, btw is an adorable place to go shopping) 

It's A Stitch (Humble)
That should cover you for all your decorating needs!

It was wonderful to meet you.  See you again soon!

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marisa said...

ah, you are so sweet to include me!