Monday, February 11, 2008

Do You See the Potential?

Trash to treasure, baby. Check out this chair someone was getting rid of on garbage day. I saw it, did a u-y and grabbed it. I think I will spray paint it white and make a seat cushion out of this great sparkly red vinyl I saw at High Fashion Fabrics. It's so great on it's own, I want to resist the urge to over do it.

My little muchkin insists that it's a chair for Herman. This is herman! I don't think Herman will be with us for long, so until I can undergo a new makeover project I'll let Herman hang out in the totally awesome brimming with potential chair.

Speaking of makeover projects, do you remember this post? I was nominated as a finalist! Thank you, Danielle. There were four finalist in my category (fabric...of course). Most categories had a winner and one runner up. My category had a winner and TWO runners up. I was neither the winner nor the 1st or 2nd runner up. I really, really lost, nah we'll call it "fourth place". Pretty exciting none the less, and my coffee table does STILL LOOK AWESOME (and protect noggins)!


marisa said...

I can't believe people throw away great stuff like that out there. I'm in the land of saving and re-using. It is rare that I come across such great finds.

m. & m. said...

Oh my goodness, Sarah - if you ever think you don't want that chair I'm loving it! Who on earth was getting rid of that in Kingwood?