Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yellow and Gray

I have this uncanny knack for knowing what colors will be the season's it colors. Sometimes I'm a year or two ahead, and sometimes just a season. I've done this since I was a kid. I don't know why I know, or even if it's important to know, but I do draw great pride from it for some unexplained reason. :)

I knew baby blue and brown a year in advance. I knew this green before it started showing up everywhere. But my big call for spring and summer this season will be yellow and gray (or silver). (image from Spiegel) Last summer one of my students made clay beads with yellow and silver. And it instantly became a favorite combo of mine and I heard that still small voice in my head say, "that's a comin"... (image from Target)

One afternoon last year, while coloring with my girls, a red and turquoise crayon were laying next to each other, I saw it and knew...It's very strange!

(image from Pottery Barn) Yellow for sure is the it color this spring. You will also see lime green and brown try to make a cameo, but believe it or not I think people will finally tire of brown. Nice plum purple will also be every where this spring and summer. Primary colors will hold on a little longer. Last year it was primary yellow, primary green and royal blue. This year I think it will be more like navy blue, primary red and white~patriotic I guess??

It's not science, but welcome to the inside of my brain and the knowledge it chooses to obtain.

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marisa said...

I've been wondering what colors to make my spring dress this year. You convinced me, it shall be yellow and silver.