Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh Glorious Seed Catalougs

Look what has been arriving in the mail lately. ..
Seed Savers Cataloug

Seeds of Change Cataloug

Abundant Life Seeds Cataloug

Why not buy seeds from a mega store or nursery? This year I feel strongly about preserving seed "biodiversity" and my love for sustainable "organic" agriculture has grown.

This year will be the first year that our garden will be completely organic. From the soil to the seeds. We have our own compost pile and everything. I'm so excited. I started last year, but this year it's in full swing. My husband has enthusiastically taken over. He's built these beautiful garden boxes and has been faithfully stirring the compost. It's looking like it will be a collective team effort by the Moyar clan this spring. Down home @ our "food not lawns"- suburban farm. :)

Can you believe it is time to start the garden already? Check the Farmer's Almanac for your local plant dates. Ours are right around the corner.

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